Best 25 Good Night Quotes for Boyfriend

Good Night Quotes for Boyfriend

Best 25 Good Night Quotes for Boyfriend : Hmm…are you searching for the best Good Night Quotes for your boyfriend. Need to wish him now??. Here we have provided you the best collection of Good Night Quotes for Boyfriend. You can share these best Gud night quotes with your boyfriend through SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook and etc.,

Good Night Quotes for Boyfriend

1. “Hey, now is the time to sleep, but I hope you know that I love you and cherish every moment we spend together.

2. “I was never a religious person before I met you, and God sent me an angel to tell me that something could not be explained at all.

3. “I sit in my bed and look at your picture, smiling and know that you are mine, I am yours.As long as we have each other, the night will always be perfect.

4. “Hey, I know it ‘s late, but I can not stop thinking about you.I hope you have a wonderful night, the dream is filled with me.I love you.

5. “I can not tell you how much I like your feelings. Tonight has my dream!”

Best Good Night Quotes for Boyfriend

6. “Without you, the bed is cold and lonely. I love you.”

7. “Tonight is beautiful, not because the stars are brighter, but because my love is stronger.

8. “As harsh as the sun, during the day, as long as you in the arms in the evening, you can appease all the pressure.

9. “Day becomes a night into a day because the earth rotates around its own axis, but my life is still because I am relying on a shaft called my wife.

10. “My dear wife, I just want to say that if you are not complete, I am not complete, I will not be in your mind for a minute. Forever in my life good night.

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Sweet Good Night Quotes for Boyfriend

11. “Sleep, dream tonight a beautiful dream; smile and smile can be maintained tomorrow; all dreams and desires can be achieved; because I can not find a better friend like you! Good night”

12. “This is our ATD (any time interference) service.We are busy and disturbing and exciting experts. Our goal has been achieved. Good night …”

13. “When the thief left the house, the child woke up and said to the thief:” also take my bag, otherwise I will wake up my mother. “I wish you good night.

14. “Do you know me? My life goal is not to become famous or powerful, but to make enough money to eat anything I want. Good night to sleep!”

15. “Even if we have the worst fight, you always know how to solve the problem. Thank you for being the greatest sister.

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Lovely Good Night Quotes for Boyfriend

16. “Good night sister you are a gift to the soul, a real friend, the spirit, a trace of the meaning of the life of gold.

17. “Said good night is not just the end of the day, it is a saying that I remember before you sleep. Hope you can feel it’s care, good night …”

18. “Today and one million tomorrow will never be equal to the number of happiness I have in my life.”

19. “Every night, when you sleep, God will sprinkle a little magical dust, so that you wake up more beautiful.

20. “Guess what? I will put you in your place to tell you good night!”

Top Good Night Quotes for Boyfriend

21. “I am very happy to sleep every night but very sad.I am very happy, I am with you, you are in my life, but very sad, you are far away, I can not hold you.

22. “I can not wait to see you and meet you tomorrow.”

23. “I like the way we make love, and I hope you can visit me tonight.”

24. “My dream will be lying on the bed and lying on the bed, I will close my eyes and wake up with me.

25. “Regardless of the calendar page, the past, the months of flying or the evening into the day, my love for you will stay forever. Sweet dreams baby, good night.

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