Best 25 Good Night Quotes for Friends : Wishes for Friends

Best Good Night Quotes for Friends

Best Good Night Quotes for Friends : Do you need to send some beautiful Good Night quotes to friends. Choose the best one and send it to your friends and wish them.

Best Good Night Quotes for Friends

1. Do not lose hope. You never know that tomorrow will bring good night

2. Stop thinking about what people are saying to hurt your feelings all things, just clinging to someone to let you smile memories! good night

3. Sometimes I’m obedient, but do not think I do not care. Anyway, for you, I’ll stay there forever

4. At every moment of our lives, God will never be in love, care, guidance and protection of our day. May his presence be with you forever, and today’s friend is always good night

5. God always has something to give you, the key to every question, every shadows of light, every sad relief, every tomorrow’s plan. Good night, sweet dreams.

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Top Good Night Quotes for Friends

6. My friend, you are my dark light, my rudeness smooth right my wrong, my hard easy, in my dull light, my bad smile, my frown, my sad happy Smile.

7. Hi Moon! Dark your light you wind! Breeze soft earth! Because my friend wants to sleep and gently rotate

8. As long as we are friends, there is nothing to be asked from life. good night

9. Good night my good friend wish you a dream, full of love.

10. For everyone, everyone, a wonderful night, a pleasant dream, and time. Good night, happy sleep

Beautiful Good Night Quotes for Friends

11. A good friend, a good friend, a good friend, because good reason, in a good day, in a good mood to say good .. good night

12. One day will end again. Have a friend like you so that my daily life seems to be very nice thanks for my god friend last good night N sweet dreams

13. Good night friends, time close your eyes, thank God, let us another day! Sweet dream.

14. Good friends do not necessarily make life perfect, but they will certainly make all the shortcomings easier to endure. good night

15. The sun is very upset, the moon is very happy, because the sun is missing, the moon will be with you, in order to rest overnight, there is a beautiful night.

Cute Good Night Quotes for Friends

16. Like a bright star how to illuminate the dark night sky, the memories of our friendship are flickering in my life. Goodnight friend

17. I’m just happy because I have my friends with me overnight, so that they are special, so good night, tomorrow will soon see you.

18. This is a lovely night, the stars are so bright, the moon is shining in this hour, I just want you to that, maybe you have a good night, good night, is the nervous tension!

19. Good night my friend may know that his love gives you a quiet break! Sweet dream.

20. Once the moon blinks, I hope that sweet dreams can embrace you. Hope your day is good N now i bid you a lovely good night.

Latest Good Night Quotes for Friends

21. Hope you have a quiet night, I wish you good night, bless you.

22. I hope that God can compliment you. I hope this angle will make you at the scene. Now just to make sure you feel all the rituals and i hope you have a nice night to sleep yo! Good night to sleep well

23. Touch the moon. If you are at least missing you will be between the stars.

24. My life is full of good friends like you. Have a nice night and a good sleep

25. A good idea can make you wake up in the morning, but a good idea will make you good night sleep at night good dear friend.

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