25 Best Good Night Quotes for Wife

25 Best Good Night Quotes for Wife

Best Good Night Quotes for Wife : Here we wrote an article about “Best Good Night Quotes for Wife”. Choose the best one which suits for your wife or girlfriend and share these sexy good night quotes to dear wife.

Funny Good Night Quotes for Wife

1. “If you did not, my arm felt so empty and cold, and I thought it was time to sleep and dream of you with me, so I felt it again.

2. “At night when I sleep, the body is charging at night, but I sleep, so my heart can fill the warmth of a beautiful woman, I call it my wife.

3. “There is a vicious circle of life, I never want to leave – every day is wasting your romantic night. Sweet dreams sweetheart.”

4. “The most beautiful thing every night is not the stars and the moon, there are cool breeze and clouds, but you and me together.

5. “When I remembered memories of our friendship, even the melancholy of a dark and lonely night became a sweet harmony.

Sweet Good Night Quotes for Wife

6. “Because your eyes look tired, let your eyes eyelashes hug each other for several hours. Happy journey into the dream of the world. Good night!”

7. “The memories of our friendship are like the glory of the moon, and our common pleasure is as glittering as the stars of the sky in my life.” Good night. ”

8. “As long as I have a problem, I just sing, and then I realize that my voice is worse than my question. Dear good night …”

9. “Always remember – never sleep well. Just keep awake and plot revenge. Good night dear.”

10. “With you, I have always shared my deepest secrets, the happiest moments, ups and downs and happiness, there is a brother and sister like you, I am always by my side.

Beautiful Good Night Quotes for Wife

11. “True friends are not those who are always almost perfect in everything. They are deep when you come down just pull you and say” everything will be fine “good night”

12. “What do you have in common with the crack? They keep a person waiting for the next night.”

13. “My dear, when I die, I hope my grave offers free wireless internet, letting people visit more frequently. There are many interesting dreams. :)”

14. “Sisters may be the most competitive relationship in the family until they grow up, then it is the strongest, there is a beautiful dream, dear sister.”

15. “Sister sister, we will always be some of the nuts at home. Good night my dear.

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Best Good Night Quotes for Wife

16. “Please hold your phone tightly, because this message is disguised embrace. Good night :)”

17. “When I lay in bed, I thank my life for having your lucky stars.

18. “You are in my heart a lot, that I will send you text messages, tell you good night, I love you.”

19. “Good night, my love, I am glad that we can spend another wonderful day and wrap it together in the love we share.

20. “A cloudy bed can not let me sleep at night without thinking of something.” Some things in life are close to perfection, some things are so perfect that they can only be described as heaven.

Romantic Good Night Quotes for Wife

21. “Last night I embraced my pillow and dreamed of you … I hope that one day I will dream of my pillow and I will hug you! Good night my love :)”

22. “My dear, please remember, ask if I am hungry, just like asking me if I want money. The answer is always YES. I wish you good night. :)”

23. “When the mother does not understand, a sister will be a good dream.”

24. “Tonight you sleep, I begged the moon to light up, tell my angel to hold on to you, make sure you are ok.Please ask the gentle breeze to care about you, dear good night.

25. I may not be with you, but you will always be in my heart.

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