25 Best Lovely Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

Good Night Messages for Boyfriend : Are you searching for Good Night Messages for Boyfriend. If you send Good Night wishes to him that means you are conveying message that you are remembering him.Here are the cute ways to say goodnight over text to your boyfriend.

Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

1. “just a line … keep in touch … because you are very, very much in my mind … even if i have nothing to say … you’ll know … i miss you today … good night!

2. “Tired of the news like good night, missing you, love you and so on? Now this is a new one – can you smile for me once?

3. “I just stared at the self – timer we got together in the daytime, so that I could be lonely night.

4. When my arm is not close to my heart, I always hold them with prayer. good night. ”

5. “I can not fall asleep unless I tell you how much I miss you – love you and good night!”

Sweet Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

6. “Today has been a non – stop, busy, crazy day, I hope I have time to see you … so I thought about you before going to sleep.

7. “The night is a good time to remember all the sweet things in your life and all the sweet people.” So your sweet memories are good. good night. ”

8. “I hope that this wonderful night of information will be all the fear into confidence, obstacles, opportunities and concerns about the smile.

9. “The best bridge between despair and hope is a wonderful night. Hope you have a quiet night.”

10. “Laugh, the world will laugh with you, snore, you sleep alone”

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Romantic Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

11. “You are asleep, your handsome face on my head … again …”

12. “Good night, my dreamer, I’ll see you there”

13. “I have you, only you in my heart <3 sweet dreams ..”It ‘s up to the rest of the day you’ve been in the evening.

14. “Your eyes are weak, your mouth can not speak, so hope this night should be beautiful and sweet. Good night. ”

15. “Dreams touch your mind and soul. It’s a magical memory that combines fantasy and reality. Hope you can do the best dreams tonight!

Best Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

16. “We do not have anything, there is nothing, but one of the good things we have achieved is that there is a little memory in someone’s mind and little places.

17. “If you feel lonely, looking at the sky, always know where I am under the sky, hope to be the best for you. Good night, dream!”

18. “Hey, there, just come down and say hello, hope you have a good day!

19. “If you wake me from them, how bad the nightmares are.

20. “Millions of people are sleeping, millions are eating, millions are working, but the only one, very special I am reading my message.” Good night “.

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Top Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

21. “Because your eyes look tired, let your eyes eyelashes hold each other for hours. Happy journey into the dream world. Good night and sweet dreams”.

22. “Send a pleasant idea of ??the pillow to create a wonderful dream, meticulously to keep the blessing and prayer in life, to protect you forever. good night! ”

23. “I know it is not true, but my heart still believes that only me and your moon are shining.

24. “With the impact of the breeze, I hope it will eliminate your worries.With the sky darkening, I hope they hide all the weaknesses, with the stars shine, I hope they can glow the best chance of your life Good night baby.

25. “The flower is red, the violet is blue, I want to sleep so that I can think of you. Good night, handsome.”

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