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Good Night Messages for her

Lovely Good Night Messages for Her : Do you need to something sweet to say goodnight messages to your girlfriend at night. Don’t worry here we have provided you the beautiful collection of some Lovely Good Night Messages for Her. Choose the best one and send it to your girlfriend. Here are some Good Night Love Messages.

Lovely Good Night Messages for Her

1. “The night is more pure than the day; better thinking, love and dreaming. At night, everything is more intense and more real.” The echo of the words during the day has a new deeper meaning.

2. “I know you’re busy, but I want to tell you a good night.”

3. “Sleep asleep tonight, my love, know that we are always together in our hearts, even if we are separated in the distance.

4. “Look at the moon and bring the smile on my face. Open your window and see it. The two of us are apart, but look at the world together.

5. “I am the same every night.” I sleep feel empty, know that another night will not hold you in your arms.

Romantic Good Night Messages for Her

6. “My world has stopped today, and when the sun rises, I am in eternal fantasies and are thinking and dreaming all day.

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7. “I’m just taking a bath, and when I think, now I feel more dirty and have a hot dream tonight.”

8. “Sometimes, some things I can not explain. When I first really suffered damage, when I realized that when I met you, my life changed, and suddenly became impossible to sleep.

9. “great, very warm, very vague. Before you get the idea – it’s a great good night HUG from me to you!”

10. “Come day and night, but my love for you will grow forever, do not worry about the future or the past, because my love for you will last forever.

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Sweet Good Night Messages for Her

11. “No one in this world will be as happy as I am when I can hold you all night. I love you.”

12. “Regardless of the size of your bed, do not stop yourself dreaming of the king size.

13. “People do not always need to suggest. Sometimes they really need a hand to hold, listen to one ear, one heart to understand them. Good night dear friend …”

14. “One day will end again. A friend like you is so happy that my daily life looks so beautiful Thanks, my friend. Good night and sweet dreams …”

15. “I like food and sleep.If I give you a little food or text at night, it means something. :)”

Best Good Night Messages for Her

16. “It is not hard to do anything, because you never know when to finish … so I wish you good night and fruitful tomorrow!”

17. “Dear sister, I hope you are ready to sleep soon, rather than wasting time chatting with your love.You wish good night and remind you of me in the next room.

18. “Sister is the way of God, send you an angel who is always there, just like you.

19. “Always end with this moment of positive thoughts and gratitude.

20. The stars are shining and the wind blows. Everything seems to still and perfectly wait for the angels of the earth to head on the pillow and close your eyes. good night! ”

Good Night Messages for Her

21. “I finally can not let me stop thinking about you.I hope your dreams bring you happiness, my thoughts bring you love.”

22. “I am not a poet or a man who can easily describe his feelings, but when I meet you this change, I love you wholeheartedly – even if I do not express it as a scholar.

23. “I never hate the night until you meet you. Without your touch of warm or smiling flash sleep is pure torture.

24. “I dreamed that I was lying on bed last night and we were very close and the skin was hot and I never wanted to wake up good night;

25. “I wish I was there to hold you tight, not to give you the good night of your love.”

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