25 Best Lovable Good Night Messages for Him : SMS for him

Good Night Messages for him

Good Night Messages for Him: Are you searching for the best Good Night Msgs for Him. Do you need to send goodnight sayings to your boyfriend. So, you are at right place. Here we have provided you the beautiful collection of Good Night Romantic Messages for him.

Good Night Messages for Him

1) Every night, dreaming with you and losing your dreams a constant fight. I miss you, good night

2) Good morning is easy because I know I will see you during the day Good night is very difficult, because I know from you, I will leave. good night.

3) This is to dream of all the romantic things we see tomorrow. good night.

4) I do not mind even having a terrible nightmare as long as I’m awakened by you good night.

5) Do not you know that dating I have strict dream rules? Rule 1 is that you must always dream of me. Rule 2 is rule number 1 is the only rule. good night.

Best Good Night Messages for Him

6) When I say goodnight to you, I feel hurt and painful because it makes me miss you. good night.

7) When I told you good night, I actually said that the day I spent with you was beautiful, outstanding, optimistic, dazzling, beautiful, funny, brilliant, popular ,Enchanting. I love you good night.

8) When I say good night, I really want you to be a good boy at night. So do not imagine any girl other than me. Good night, handsome.

9) Let’s sleep tomorrow and life will make us one day come to realize our dreams – cherish our love – all their sweetest feelings. good night.

10) No matter how long you hug me, I can still feel the ripples through my mind and soul. good night.

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Lovely Good Night Messages for Him

11) My night is longer than my days, because I am not around you. But it is worth it – dreaming of you waking me with a smile a mile speed good night.

12) the most handsome guy the most beautiful girl should have a nice night kiss. So it was a nice night to kiss you from me. Muya, good night

13) Lost your painful nightmare gave me sleepless nights. But when you hug me and call you, it’s all worth it. XOXO

14) In the dark sky, the sparkling stars symbolize how love pulls me out of the darkest corners of my life. good night.

15) Every good night, there will be a good choice, because I know I will leave you, but when I began to dream of you, it all turned into SWEET.

Best Good Night Messages for Him

16) No matter how hard you try, your dreams will never be worse than me, because I dream of you. good night.

17) I have to wish you good night is not fair, because the dream you can not sleep to me at night XOXO

18) I wish you good night, because I know that both of us will not be spared XOXO

19) In a perfect world, every night will start to embrace with you, every day from your kiss start. Good night, baby.

20) rather than a romantic joke, today I just want to thank not only to endure my unfortunate period, but also help me rise. good night.

Romantic Good Night Messages for Him

21) I know this is not true, but my heart still believes that only me and your moon glow. good night.

22) With the breeze blowing, I hope it will eliminate your worries. With the darkness of the sky, I hope they hide all the weaknesses, with the stars shining, I hope they can glow the best chance of your life. Good night baby.

23) The silence of this night was broken by the beautiful depressing reverie, my heartbeat for you and only you. good night.

24) The warmth you feel tonight will not be because of your blanket. It would be the warmth of the hugs I sent with this news. good night.

25) Virtual kisses may not be as romantic as real kisses, but at least they let me express how I love your feelings. Muya, good night

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