25 Best Good Night Quotes for her : Wishes for her

Good Night Quotes for her

Good Night Quotes for her : Do you need to send Good night quotes with love to your loved one. Here we have collected some beautiful best Good Night Quotes for her. Choose the best one and send to your lover (or) girlfriend (or) wife.

Best Good night Quotes for her

1. It’s been too late for you because you’re gone. I desperately waited because it became a day. My heart will rot, is such a thing to continue. I just want to give you a kiss. Good Night Baby have a nice sleep.

2. I know you are that person, because when we are separated, I feel incomplete. I do not want to be without you. good night

3. Before going to sleep, you will be the last thing I think of, and when I wake up, I will think of the first thing. Good Night and Sweet Dreams

4. Wish you a sweet dream and give you a kiss. I love you so much.

5. Baby I miss you, please close your eyes and see my dream tonight.

good night quotes for her

Beautiful Good night Quotes for her

6. I promised to be a warrior of all the nightmares and messengers who brought all your good dreams.

7. I started to calculate a star in the sky, because I love every reason for you. Then I ran out of the stars and realized that the reason was infinite.

8. I love you dear, and I wish you a sweet Good Night with romantic dreams.

9. The dark sky at night is a canvas, I draw my dreams and will imagine us forever forever.

10. Night may be dark, the moon may not come, the stars may be hidden, but do not worry, I am here to light your night. good night.

Good Night Quotes for her

Romantic Good night Quotes for her

11. I may be tired, I may be trapped But I can not fall asleep until I give my sweetheart message to you. Good night

12. How much I love your thoughts so that I sleep more and more every night.

13. I hope the moon is always bright and you’re always cool, right? Whenever you turn off the lights, remember that I wish you good night.

14. When I think of my love for you, I see all my dreams come true. good night

15. Sleep, my love dream happy dream, you are the only one who has touched my mind, will always be your dream.

Good Night Quotes for her

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Top Good night Quotes for her

16. Good night my love, happy dream, asleep my love, tomorrow can be sunny, make you closer to me.

17. Good night sleep tight, I will do my best to dream for you

18. When I sat looking for the glory of the moon, I saw the white roses that created a new story. Season a lot of their reasons little left is that I will always love you!

19. The moon is angry with me, jealous of you, because I said no one like you to illuminate my night. good night

20. I’m glad to say goodnight to you. Sleep, princess, I wanna see you smile tomorrow

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Good Night Quotes for her

Good night Quotes for her

21. If I had to choose to love you and breathe. I will use the last breath to say that I love you and good night

22. Every night I like to go home. Because the home in your arms good night my love

23. I give you a lot of hugs, a kiss, a hug and more hugs just to show that I love you just to show that I lost your touch I love you and wish you a wonderful night!

24. Good night! Sleep tightly, I may not be around you, but know that you are always in my heart.

25. Good night, sleep very tight, I will do my best to dream for you.

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